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This story deserves to be told from inside the trenches of Reddit, not by the mainstream press. Back the crowdfunding campaign to help make that a reality.

This book is an attempt to chronicle and explain the GameStop saga, the psychological games that were played, the extraordinary online community that rose to this historic occasion, and the financial warfare that has taken place on a new digital frontier.

It is a journey through complex stock market jargon, memes, and in-jokes created by r/WallStreetBets (an online forum on and the other online communities that sprung up around it. It’s a story packed with wild gambling, bandwagon-jumping, digital guerilla warfare, and diamond hands.

It’s a story that, much like our entire lives at the moment, had no precedent, no rule book, and no map to follow. 

“As they drank in knowledge from the pools of DD generously provided by the wrinkle brained elders, they were bathed in the memes of the community. They took on the character of the crayon eating ape, the memes became their investing mantras. “Buy the dip faggot” was more than just a quote from investing legend Warren Buffet, it was a way of life. GameStop drops $30? Looks like some discount to me! GameStop trading at $40? Looks like a fire sale! I found this very idea affecting my view of investing altogether, I didn’t see price drops, I only saw the discounts.”
There Are No Friends On Reddit – Chapter 2, To The Moon: The GameStop Saga

About The Author

Josh Hamilton is the editor of and host of the podcast, Chatter, an interview podcast covering politics, culture, technology, and more. His first book Brexit: The Establishment Civil War was a case study of how social media is disrupting our democracy.

Why Write This Book?

It is my goal to tell this story before the mainstream get their chance to define it themselves. I want people to understand what this movement is about and to hear the story from someone who has been in the community since Robinhood decided to halt trading and declare war. This story can only truly be told by someone who has been immersed in the community!


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