Background Research and Interviews

As part of my research for this topic I’ve conducted a number of interviews on my podcasts with some of the foremost experts on the topic and some YouTubers and others associated with the Apes. I’ll be continuing to talk to experts on the topic and welcome any recommendations on experts or people to talk to, you can send them to  

Chatter #158 – Dr Susanne Trimbath on GameStop, Failure To Delivers, and Naked Short Selling –

Chatter #134 – Houston Wade On How GameStop Happened, Naked Shorts, and FTDs –

Chatter #138 – Houston Wade On Dark Pool Trading, Dogecoin, And Trillion Dollar Asteroids –

Chatter #133 – William Steele On GameStop And The Internet Hive Mind – – **William is the editor of this book!**

Chatter #156 – Lucy Komisar On The SEC, Regulatory Capture, And The Corruption Of Wall Street –

Chatter #155 – Carl Hagberg on Short Sellers, Counterfeit Shares, and Shareholders Rights –

Chatter #154 – Mulligan Brothers on Superstonk, GameStop, and the Apes Together Strong Documentary –

Chatter #149 – Andrew Mo Money On Short Squeezes, Reddit Manipulation, And Retail Investor Power –

Chatter #147 – Jackson Hunter On The AMC Short Squeeze, GameStop, And The Power Of Reddit –

I’ve also  made several videos essays on the topic.

Tendies For All: What The Media Are Missing About The GameStop Saga –

The Joke Market: DogeCoin, GameStop, And Investing Gone Viral –

I’ve also done interviews covering relating topics that have fed into my understanding of this story.

Finance/Corruption/Corporate Power

Chatter #157 – Professor Antony Mueller On Inflation, Fiat Money, And The Impending Market Crash –

Chatter #142 – Nicholas Wilson On David Cameron, Greensill, And HSBC: The World’s Dirtiest Bank –

Chatter #102 РJames Dionne on Unaccountable Power, Secret Societies, and Our Brave New World Р

Chatter #85 – Antony Loewenstein on Disaster Capitalism, Privatisation, and Immigration –

Chatter #81 – Nicholas Shaxson on The Finance Curse –

Chatter #71 – Peter Geoghegan on Dark Money and the Corruption of British Politics –

Chatter #66 – Dr David Belk on the True Scale of Corruption in the US Healthcare System –

Social Media/Propaganda/Information Warfare

Chatter #153 – Emma Briant on Cambridge Analytica, Social Media, and Election Meddling –

Chatter #152 – Neil Sanders On Mind Control, Propaganda, and The Fake Culture War –

Chatter #151 – Sophie Zhang – Whistleblowing On Facebook: Fake Engagement and Election Manipulation –

Chatter #123 – Bret Schafer on Information Warfare and How Social Media Disrupts Democracy –

Chatter #121 – Kyle Taylor On Dark Ads And The Case For Regulating Social Media –

Chatter #119 – Constance Hannah Rose on Understanding and Uncovering Cyber Torture –

Chatter #115 – Oli Dugmore on Memes, Journalism, and the Influence of Social Media on Politics –

Chatter #89 – James N on Cyber Torture, Organised Harrassment, and Psychological Warfare –